NEROlab is a Russian brand of women's clothing. The design philosophy of NEROlab is an intellectual classic outside of time and space. Fashion is unstoppable, changeable, but we offer a style that is easy to carry through decades, and it will not lose its relevance.  

Nero means "black" in Italian. A universal color and basis for everyday looks. In our laboratory, we develop clothes, starting with the object itself and its need for a woman's wardrobe.  

Ekaterina Zharova, founder of NEROlab, on the creation of the brand: “When you touch noble fabrics every day, touch beautiful buttons with your own hands, you know where to find the best 'ingredients' to create truly high-quality clothes, it is difficult to resist and not start making something of your own ".

Ekaterina Zharova, founder of the NEROlab brand

Before launching her own brand, Ekaterina had been engaged in the selection and supply of fabrics and accessories for Russian clothing manufacturers for more than 15 years.

NEROlab are easy-to-wear models, they are easy to wear and combine with each other. The color palette of the brand's collections is also responsible for the implementation of this principle: basic colors - black, beige, white, brown, gray, and accent shades - deep emerald, burgundy, blue.  

We share the principles of rational consumption, therefore, when creating collections, we pay special attention to the choice of fabrics, accessories, quality of cut and sewing. In this way, we increase the life cycle of each NEROlab garment and help to create a wardrobe that is concise, holistic in terms of style and ethical in terms of content.